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6 Tips for Successful Making Cupcakes


 6 Tips for Successful Making Cupcakes

1. Preheat the oven is important

Have you ever experienced undercooks or still runny dough? This can also happen to cupcakes, you know. Now heating the oven before the dough comes in is important so that the cupcake is perfectly roasted. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius, then just stay to do another step. If the oven is not too hot at this temperature, use a cooking thermometer to ensure the temperature of the oven is 180 degrees Celsius.

2. Make sure the dough ingredients are at room temperature

Like cakes in general, cupcakes use basic baking ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter, sugar, and others. The first rule in making a cupcake is to follow the word recipe! Do not just measure the material to use feeling, yes. Then make sure the ingredients are room temperature when mixed, especially eggs and butter.

Remove the ingredients stored in the refrigerator and let stand for approximately 1-2 hours. If you want it fast, soak the egg in warm water for 5 minutes and cut the butter into small pieces and let it sit on a glass plate.

3. Stir the mixture until the soft peak

How happy you stir, don't get too excited. Dough that is too long to stir can form a lot of gluten. As a result, your cupcake becomes clogged and the surface of the cupcake can break when it comes out of the oven later. In another case, if it is stirred too briefly, the texture of the cupcake will definitely break and crumbly. Therefore, use slow speeds on the mixer and focus! Make sure the cupcake mixture reaches a soft peak. Is it a soft peak? Try checking the answer here.

4. Use an ice-cream scoop to print the dough

Cupcake is an individual cake, meaning that it is small in size with a special portion for one person. When you put the mixture in the mold incorrectly, the cupcake may not be the same height. You can actually outsmart it by adding buttercream to a shorter cupcake, but if it is served lined up it looks less beautiful, yes, if the height and size are not the same. Therefore, use a large ice-cream scoop to print a standard size cupcake.

What if there is no ice-cream scoop? No need to worry. Just put half of the dough in a mold, then bake one mold. From the results of the grill, you can measure how much dough must be added so that the results meet the cup and are even. You see, sometimes the rules of the dough ⅔ may not necessarily be uniform, right.

5. Don't open the oven too often when baking

Seeing the dough being roasted up is fun, yeah. But resist the habit of opening the oven and checking the dough. The air from outside can hinder the development of cupcakes, even if you peek with small gaps. So for the right time, use a timer for baking cupcakes rather than hesitate and have to open and close the oven, right?

6. Let the cupcake cool before decorating

After removing the cupcake from the oven, don't rush to decorate it. Let stand first until the cake gets cold because a hot cake can make the buttercream melt and fall (not frosting). To know if the cake has cooled thoroughly is indeed rather tricky. The outside can be cold but the inside is still warm. It's good to put the cupcake in the refrigerator until it's really cold

Adapted from: 6 Tips Sukses Membuat Cupcakes

6 Tips for Successful Making Cupcakes

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6 Tips for Successful Making Cupcakes

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